Government fails to pay student teachers’ scholarships for 3 months

Government fails to pay student teachers’ scholarships for 3 months

Students at Ouarzazate’s teacher’s training institute for primary school teachers skipped classes today, protesting the Moroccan government’s failure to pay their living allowance for three months.Most of CFI’s (Centre de Formation des Instituteurs) 153 students live outside Ouarzazate, and they said they have difficulty paying their rent, buying food and other expenses because the government has not paid their scholarships since January.“Students don’t have any money to pay the rent, food and cost for their studies,’’ said Marhoum Essadik, 24.El Houssaine Abdelmoktadir,director of CFI, said students at CFI are not alone, the problem is happening all over Morocco because there’s nobudget from Rabat.“We have no power on this issue,’’ Abdelmoktadir said. “Students must continue their studies because they have to take a national exam in June. Time is really tight.’’When the school receives the money, the students will get it, he said.

The students have not decided how long they will continue to strike. The strike began at 8 .m. today. Students are just hanging outside the school building.

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