Ouarzazate meeting focused on creating educational opportunities for women

Ouarzazate meeting focused on creating educational opportunities for women

By Abdelmajid Ait Baha
Nearly 70 directors of women’s clubs in Morocco met Thursday in Ouarzazate to discuss creative ways to provide job training and educational opportunities for uneducated women, especially those in the rural areas.
Participants from Ouarzazate, Casablanca, Marrakesh and the Agadir region gathered at Dar Chabab Hassan II.
El Houssine El Chahraoui, local delegae of the ministry of youth of sports, said the goal of the meeting was to talk about ways to develop educational programs and services to women in underserved areas.
Officials want to strengthen communications between women’s clubs (Nedi Neswi) and the women they serve. The goal is to give women more opportunities so they can be productive and make their mark on the world, he said.
Hayat Boufrashen, director of women affairs section at the ministry of youth and sports in Rabat, said she was delighted to work with Nedi Neswis that are striving to improve the lives of women in their communities.
“I personally don’t cooperate with anyone until I have discovered that they are successful,’’ she said.
She urged women club leaders to mobilize to “give up illiteracy and ignorance,’’ so that they can raise the standards of women in society. Women need to be supported because they are the pillars of society.
“Everyone here has something to contribute,’’ Boufrashen said. “ We are here to support you with everything you need.’’
Aicha Hawaz, who benefitted from a Nedi Neswi in Casablanca, is now teaching women in Ouarzazate’s Douar Chems neighborhood. She doesn’t have adequate equipment and materials, but Hawaz works with the little she has.
“We don’t have much, but we’re improving every year,’’ she said.

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