Taragalte, a beautiful meeting point of Artists and Tourists

Taragalte, a beautiful meeting point of Artists and Tourists

The Fourth Annual of Taragalte Festival came to an end Sunday NOV.11, 2012, in M’Hamid El Ghizlane.
The festival organized by Zayla association has known the participation of so many national and international musicians.
Oum, the Moroccan soul singer, participated in the Taragalte Festival and did also a song especially for the festival.
When she was first asked to be the godmother of the Taragalte Festival
“I said yes immediately” she said.
Oum, Tartit, and Nico Wayne were one of the several artists and bands which participated in the Taragalte festival.
Tourists and Mhamid El Ghizlane citizens attended the Three days festival, they were around 500 attending the festival.
The festival was not only about music but also about environment. The festival witnessed planting trees aiming to preserve the saharan Ousis. Donate a tree was
The Moroccan soul singer Oum, The Malian Band Tartit and Gnawa are among the ones who are going to participate in the three Days Festival.
The reason why this festival is called Taragalt goes back to the time when Mhamid El Ghizlane was called Taragalt. Now it this city is called Mhamid El Ghizlane but the festival remains Taragalte “The old name of this Saharan city”
Anjar Mustafa, a touristic bus driver, was taking tourists to the festival. he said that the festival date was changed because of the difficult climate condition, before the Draa valley used to cut the road between Mhamid El Ghizlane and The festival place which is seven Km away from the center of Mhamid El Ghizlane
This year’s theme of the fourth Taragalte Festival is about the women of the Sahara.
Zayla association organized this festival of Taragalt which celebrates the quotidian life of the Saharan women and aims to preserving the environment of the desert. The Taragalte festival celebrates also the music, the art, and the peace.
Tartit, a Malian band, participated for the first time in The Taragalte Festival. Fadi Mata Oumar, the leader of the band said,” we were going to participate in Taragalte Festival last year” she said, ” but we had to go to another festival”.
This year’s festival has known the teaming up of the Moroccan soul singer Oum and the Malian band Tartit.
Fadi Mata Oumar, The president of the Malian band Tartit, was with Oum while rehearsals.
« This is the first time we sing with Oum» she said, “I don’t how but lyrics came out just like that”.
“Singing with Tartit made me so happy” Oum said, “I loved this band”.
Peter, a jounalist from Germany, attende the three days of the festival.
” all people gattering in that place is something special about the festival” he said,” the music gathered everybody”
” everything is special about Taragalte festival ” oum said,” Music, Different people, sand, earth,..”
The festival is a great apportunity for local bands and association to show what they got.
The organizers hope to do the festival next year and invite as many as possible of tourists and have more and more people coming to the festival.

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