Reality through Art

Reality through Art

Youth Forums of Tarmigte in Ouarzazate organized an event for young artists in the town. The artists Salah Ait Tlhajt, Muhammad Ben

Abdulwahhab, Boulota Ahmed, and Younis Hamdioui were present. Their passion for color was evident as they worked to prove the creative capacities of youth in Tarmigte. The association took this initiative to let these youth express themselves through art. The association wanted to add to the elegance of Ouarzazate. Through their drawings, the artists narrated people’s daily life in the city and the city’s heritage. Other drawings discussed social issues such as smoking and traffic road rules.

This creative idea turned into reality

Mr. Hassan Agensad, a member of the association, said. The end result was a powerful work that is a symbol of the hard work that the southern people of Morocco are known by.

From their perspective, the artists said that they really appreciate the association’s initiative, which made them more known in the town for three days. Moreover, they said that it’s a good thing for them to start thinking about gathering all artists in the town to create an association for them to take this domain further to honour their city in local, regional and national meetings.

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Soukaina Bouri

Soukaina Bouri was born in Ouarzazate in 1994. She got her BA from the Faculté polydisciplinaire De Ouarzazate belonging to English department. She is now a Master student in Linguistics and Advanced English Studies at Cady Ayyad university in Marrakesh. She is an Alumna of SUSI program on Women's Leadership, with the U.S Department of State 2014.She is a citizen journalist for eNEWS since 2012. Soukaina is a young activist, leader, and change maker in her community.