It is the beginning of the story

It is the beginning of the story

Sometimes life is either by your side, or the opposite. The most things I honored to do well during MEPI experience were presenting my culture, region, religion and country in general. I have never thought one day all this aspects are going to be my enemy for the coming life. The longing to my country and especially my small village made me think deeply about it every single night.  Thinking about all my family, friends and every single moment I had with them.  Furthermore, I was always thinking about what I can do to get them out of all the problems they suffer from. It can be one hour, two hours or even the whole day. My only goal is to make them happy and have a good life.

In my last days in the USA, I was very enthusiastic about coming back to my country and try to apply all what I learned from my experience with the greatest people I’ve ever known in my life. The only wish I had was to come back to my country safely and start my projects that will lead to the common good for all. I have never thought that one day I will pay for the great journey or adventure I passed in America. The adventure does not end to me in the time I left America. It was just a beginning. I arrived to Morocco after a long trip. Unfortunately, my friend and I from the same program got stocked in Casablanca (the biggest city in Morocco). We had to stay two more days because ofthe luck of transportation to the south. We had very difficult moments; we struggled to find where to stay and put our luggage in. In Saturday, we took the bus to Ouarzazate city with a big smile and eager to see our families. In our way and in one of the most dangerous roads in Morocco we had an accident. It was 6.00 p.m. in Tichka road. It was raining and suddenly a small car coming fast and crashed our bus. We were very shocked. Thanks to God everybody was fine. There were no victims. It was the day before Eid. What a gloomy day! We had to stay more than two hours waiting for the police.

Finally the problem got solved and we could arrive to Ouarzazate after 11 hours bus. For me, the trip’s still full of adventures, I had to travel another three hours to my town. Nobody was expecting me to spend the holy Eid with my family. But, I could do it after a long time of struggling with transportation. However, it was only the beginning of the story. I often heard about culture shocks but never knew its real meaning until I received more than hundred questions in one day. The majority were blaming me for leaving the USA. I am still hearing the sound of questions saying to me: Why did you come back from America? Why you didn’t stay there? Why you didn’t get married and stay there? Why didn’t run away somewhere where they couldn’t find you? Have you ever had …..?  More and more…

Few people asked me what the program was about. Few people were interested to know what’s going on in the USA.  I learned that the only thing can make difference is education. People are poor mentally and we need to make them understand that life is not limited. Thus, I still believe that we should not give up even things get worst.

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About The Author

Abderrahim Boualy

Abderrahim Boualy was born in a small village called ARG in the regions of Taznakhte, Ouarzazate city. He is graduate university student majored in English Studies - Communication and Pedagogy at Ibn Zohr University, Faculté polydisciplinaire de Ouarzazate. He is a mentor and facilitator at the Embassy Enactus Young Social Entrepreneurship Program. He is a Georgetown university MEPI Student leader 2013 alumni. He joined Ouarzazate eNews as a citizen journalist since 2012. He is currently one of the founders of Youth: Let’s learn politics program. Abderrahim is a young leader, volunteer, social activist and change maker in his community. Now he is a trainee with CoprsAfrica foundation.