Why do people think differently than I do?  It is a very hard question to answer. First we have to know what people think about otherwise how they think. Also, I should recognize which perspective they use to think about different objects. All these questions and others made me think deeply about the differences on how people see or contribute their views on the same thing we gave our points of view about. Several individuals see things in different ways than we do. In fact, it does not have to be the same. Furthermore, they even deal with it in the opposite way we do.

Few days ago I read few pages on a book titled “Mindset” written by Carol S. Dweck. The author discusses in this book that people are totally diverse in their mindset. It is about how individuals differ in seeing things. Moreover, it shed light on how our beliefs affect our thinking. He argues that there are two types of thinkers; a fix-mindset thinker and a growth-mindset thinker. Some people think in a very limited way others are very vague in their thinking. The last group is totally different in their perspectives. All these related in the way they were raised, educated and taught in schools.

A good thinker is the one who can observe and see things from different angles. A good one is a big picture thinker otherwise is able to observe things from the top.  In the other way, there is another group of people who are very limited in their thinking. They build their point of view on how they saw things from one side or one single point. They never think about what is hidden or intimate. These groups of people are very narrow in their thinking. Thus, I often tried to understand which category I belong to.

Change your thinking, change your life. I often heard this statement from people or even read it in different books. But, the problem is how? How a person could become a good successful thinker? Otherwise, how successful people think? These entire questions made me curious to read many books that are relevant to this topic.

In the book “How successful people think” written by John C. Maxwell, I discovered many techniques a good thinker can use. Engaged focused thinking is one of them. John claimed “focus can bring energy and power to almost anything, whether physical or mental”. Furthermore, there are many advantages for focus while thinking including, giving ideas time to develop and brings clarity to the target.

Related to the fact, many peoples are selfish thinkers. They only see their ideas and thoughts as the only relevant. Moreover, they are self- interested, self-concerned and self-seeking.  They are only concerned about what is good for them. What fits their needs and ignore the common well. These kinds of people are known as demagogues.  They can guide people in the way they want to achieve their personal goals.

In the same book “How successful people think”, the author argued the importance of shared thinking than solo thinking. “Two heads are better than one-when they are thinking in the same direction”.


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Abderrahim Boualy

Abderrahim Boualy was born in a small village called ARG in the regions of Taznakhte, Ouarzazate city. He is graduate university student majored in English Studies - Communication and Pedagogy at Ibn Zohr University, Faculté polydisciplinaire de Ouarzazate. He is a mentor and facilitator at the Embassy Enactus Young Social Entrepreneurship Program. He is a Georgetown university MEPI Student leader 2013 alumni. He joined Ouarzazate eNews as a citizen journalist since 2012. He is currently one of the founders of Youth: Let’s learn politics program. Abderrahim is a young leader, volunteer, social activist and change maker in his community. Now he is a trainee with CoprsAfrica foundation.