Ouarzazate Faculty organizes the 2nd annual of The Amazigh Cultural days

Ouarzazate Faculty organizes the 2nd annual of The Amazigh Cultural days

On Dec 4th, 2013, the faculty of Ouarzazate organized the 2nd Annual of the Amazigh cultural days in collaboration with many sponsors including the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture and the Ouarzazate municipality.

40 students were there to help out organizing the 3-day event which took place at the faculty. Around 60 students attended the opening ceremony in which the faculty dean, Youness Ben Lahcen, has expressed his gratitude and the importance of the work the students did to organize the event.

“I appreciate the will of those students and how determined they are”, Ben Lahcen added “It’s all about having the will to do something”.

AmhamedAliloush was one of the speakers during the opening ceremony. He is an author of many books in different languages about the Tamazight Language and the Amazigh culture, he also has written articles about the same topic.

Aliloush started his speech by the expression “Unity is strength.” In his speech he talked about the Tamazight language situation in Morocco, the reasons why it should be taught in schools and the obstacles it faces.

“Now that Tamazight is also another official language of Morocco, it is now the time to start producing and working hard,” he said.

Having many dialects is one of the problems people face in Morocco.Sometimes you may run into someone who doesn’t speak the language you speak.

“It’s a shame not to know your neighbor’s language, be it Tamazight or Arabic.” Aliloush said.

“Learning many languages is the key towards development, starting with the languages of your own country first,” he said.

The 3-day cultural event, which aims to spread the word about the Amazigh culture and promote Tamazight language, has a rich program which includes seminars, painting workshops, and presentations. All those and more are the activities that have been and will be done during the event.

“We have started the work for this event two months ago,” said YassineZiir, who is one of the organizers of the 3-day cultural event. He is also a 3rd year student at the faculty, majoring in cinematography/Audiovisual.

This year’s new activities in the Amazigh cultural days as Ziir said were the wedding ceremony, the screening of new documentaries, and the painting workshop which took place in the last day of the event.

IttuTmghnast, 2nd year student majoring in Arabic Studies at the Errachidia Faculty, was one of the participants during the second day.

“This is a great initiative,” IttuTmghnast said, “the book exhibition was one of the things I liked the most.”

Ismail Ssimou, 2nd year student majoring in Cinema/Audiovisual from Zagora, attended the event to know more about the Amazigh Culture and to learn about their traditions.

“It’s a good event to spread the word about the Amazigh culture,” he said.

The event which ended on Dec 6th, 2013 was a gathering place for more than 200 hundred students who participated in the painting workshop and the Tifinagh workshop, which is on the topic of Tamazight alphabets.

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