Hercules is being filmed in Ouarzazate

Hercules is being filmed in Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate Film Commission organized on February 13, 2014, a visit to some Ouarzazate local media outlets to the Atlas Studios where three movies are being filmed at this moment.

Ouarzazate is recognized as a destination not only to Moroccan film producers but also to international ones.

Ali Majboud, a Moroccan director, is filming a movie called ‘Dallas’, in which 14 actors from different ages and generations are taking part in the story, which is analyzing the situation of the Moroccan cinema production.

Aziz Dadas, a Moroccan Actor acting in this movie directed by Ali Majboud, has stated that Ouarzazate is a great place to shoot films due to the great landscapes it offers and how easy it is to shoot in it.

The movie ‘Dallas’ is going to be in cinemas by the upcoming November or December as stated by the director Ali Majboud.

Meanwhile and away from the Moroccan movie setting, another movie is being filmed. A movie telling the story of a great hero, ‘Hercules’ which is staring the WWE Star John Hennigan, who has stated that the shooting period he has spent in Ouarzazate is awesome.

The movie ‘Hercules’ is being directed by Nick Lyon and produced by Dylan Vox who has stated that the movie was supposed to be shot in Greece, but because of some unconditional issues, it was impossible. ‘Fortunately, Ouarzazate is almost like Greece. It’s a great place to shoot this movie in’. Said Dylan.

The production crew was shooting this movie for almost 3 weeks now, in which the work has been going well, ‘it’s going well, the editing crew have already started editing this movie’. Said Dylan.

Dylan Vox who have produced almost 25 movies, have stated that the movie ‘Hercules’ is going to be ready by April.

Atlas Studios have also hosted another German movie telling the story of Jesus.

Ouarzazate is a city that provides great potentials and it is a great destination for national and international producers according to Dylan Vox.

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