US Embassy Capacity Building workshop in Ouarzazate

US Embassy Capacity Building workshop in Ouarzazate

The US Embassy in Rabat, Morocco is organizing training workshops about Civil Society Capacity Building conducted by Mr. Akram Elias in different regions of Morocco including Rabat, Marrakech and Ouarzazate.

The US embassy with the host association “Generation Leaders” have invited 30 Association Leaders to attend the two days training workshop in the Palmerie hotel, Ouarzazate on February 15th – 16th, 2014.

The workshop was divided into three parts. It started with building self-capacity, which is all about strengthening ones personality. The second part was about leading inside the organization and last but not least leading inside the society in general.

Akram Elias, an American citizen born in Lebanon and also the Co-founder and president of Capital Communication Group lead the workshop for two days. He has stated that the capacity building workshop reflects 226 years of USA community service experience.

Akram said “I’m sharing not only information, but tools, skills and process which association leaders can use to empower their organizations”. In addition, Akram stressed on building trust between associations saying that “Nobody can do anything for themselves”

The workshop was practical and active because the prominent and competent speaker, Akram, made the participants practice what they learned in an implementing group projects. It was their rare opportunity to discover the fundamental elements, if not secrets, to make their association successful. Participants were divided into four groups. Each group chose a future project as an example to apply all what they learned during the workshop. Consequently, association leader were able do so.

“Knowledge improves people” said Akram, which is one of the reasons that made him volunteer and travel all over the world to share his rich experience with all kind of non-government organizations.

Zoubida Marrou, General Secretary of Women Federation in Ouarzazate has stated that she is glad to meet such skillful speaker and benefited from his experience. “The workshop was a great forum where I could know various association leaders aiming to work together in the future” Zoubida added.

Ismail Ait lahcen, 29 years old, Generation leaders’ association speaker said our objective is to create an opportunity for non-government organizations to learn from US experience in the field of community service.

In general the event was very successful, the participants benefited from the very active and valuable discussions. Hopefully they returned back home with a better understanding about how they should work with each other and build coalition to tighten their relations.

Mohammed Guedira, US embassy affairs specialist in Rabat said, “Civic Society is the key for the Moroccan society’s development. The US embassy offers training and grants for associations and we would like to see the successful investment of these grants”.

“For a healthy community, be optimistic, work together, and strengthen your relations with various stake holders” Akram concluded.


By: Abderahim Boualy and Safa Mansouri

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