Youth between the lines of the future

Youth between the lines of the future

Moroccan youth and the future is an equation with no solution. When I started asking how youth in morocco see their future in public and social media such as Facebook. I discovered that the majority of young people are not able to answer the question in a clear way. Some are optimistic others are very pessimistic. They have different views concerning their future.

A small chink is clearly destroyed. They could not even think about their future. They believe only in living their present moments. Absence of motivation, support, encouragement and inspiration push them to give up in the first step to their lives.

Basically, thinking about the future is a very hard skill to have. Sometimes it stops you to think deeply about all the alternatives and choices that can be with you or against you. Other times it motivates you to go further. It is a double age sorrow. It can save you, otherwise hurts you. Many people are unmotivated. They expect nothing from the future.

Aziza, 22 years old, a second year University student said “looking to the future in Morocco is like walking in the fog, you do not know what the next step hides for you”. She explained that as an unexpected situation, which a person cannot assume what is coming next.

All these expectations make many Moroccan youth believe that thinking about the future is a waste of time. Some of them stated that their future has nothing to do with Morocco. They see their future abroad.

Rahma, a third year university student said “I don’t think that we have any future in Morocco, if you want to build your future, leave Morocco”.

Their only wish is to leave Morocco and start a new life somewhere else. They think that traveling abroad is the only opportunity to change their life. They see it as the paradise, the only place where they can live their dreams. Thousands and thousands of people applied for American Green Card lottery. They want to change their lives. They believe that abroad is the only place where they can be treated as human beings.

In the other side, there is a group of young people who are very enthusiastic about their future in Morocco. They believe in their selves. They do believe that there is a lot to do concerning their future. They extremely have a positive vision toward their future.

Abdelaziz, a third year university student claimed, “we should believe in our abilities, skills and avoid blaming others,” he added, “The future is between our hands; we should work hard and do our best for a successful future.”

It is totally different how youth see their future in Morocco and that is related to their age, background knowledge, abilities and social-classes. Even though, there are less opportunities especially for graduated students.

Mohamed, 24 years old, a third year university student said, “I’m very optimistic about my future,” he added “All what we need is creating opportunities for our future and be positive in our thinking”.

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Abderrahim Boualy was born in a small village called ARG in the regions of Taznakhte, Ouarzazate city. He is graduate university student majored in English Studies - Communication and Pedagogy at Ibn Zohr University, Faculté polydisciplinaire de Ouarzazate. He is a mentor and facilitator at the Embassy Enactus Young Social Entrepreneurship Program. He is a Georgetown university MEPI Student leader 2013 alumni. He joined Ouarzazate eNews as a citizen journalist since 2012. He is currently one of the founders of Youth: Let’s learn politics program. Abderrahim is a young leader, volunteer, social activist and change maker in his community. Now he is a trainee with CoprsAfrica foundation.