JCI Ouarzazate Organises a Ramadan Iftar for People in Need

JCI Ouarzazate Organises a Ramadan Iftar for People in Need

July 23rd, 2014, JCI Ouarzazate organized a Ramadan Iftar (Breakfast) for people in need. This Iftar took place at the Taourirt Kasbah, 100 People attended the Iftar in which 20 families have been given Ramadan basket, a basket contains sugar, flour, oil, and other goods to help these poor families during Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan is well known by these events wherever you go in the Islamic World, Muslims around the world give charity and help other people during this holy month. This is only one example of many out there, individuals, families and associations provide as much as they could to help the poor and make them feel as any other family feels in Ramadan.


For JCI Ouarzazate, according to its president Mustapha Benaji, this iftar is  considered to be the first activity after renewing the administrative staff of the  association, who most of them are new to community service. ‘they have done  well, they have proved their responsibility’ Mustapha said.

One of the families which benefited from Ramadan basket said ‘No words can  ever describe what they have done to us today, they made really happy’

Another family from Fedragoum, Ouarzazate  expressed how happy she was,  her eyes full of tears, She said’ I am so happy, they have made my daughter  happy’

Amzil Abdellah, the Professional Craft Federation president in Ouarzazate, was one of the attendees of the Ramadan Iftar. ‘What those young people are doing for these people is amazing.’He said, ‘I hope all the young people in Ouarzazate do the same for these people.’

‘I am trying to do my best to develop this city and help out with what I could ‘, Rihame Al Hiane, JCI Vice president, ‘we are trying to do an impact in this community’.

‘The fact that you see a women that you don’t know thanking you for this is the best thing that could ever happen’, She added.

JCI have been preparing for this Iftar for a month with a team of 8 members. JCI during the event worked with different association: Maroc jeune, and Yad Al Oaune Association.

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