Ouarzazate …. A city fired up with festivals

Ouarzazate …. A city fired up with festivals

The summer in Ouarzazate has know lot of music concerts and festivals which made the city active the whole time. What happened on August 25th, 2014 was totally different from what happened before, it was the first of a kind to happen in Ouarzazate, hollywood of Africa, a festival almost has never been done in Ouarzazate, it is the first annual of the local traditional cuisine festival.

Traditional cuisine is been forgotten by the young generation, and to keep it alive was the goal of this festival as the organizers strongly believe that it will die if none cares about it, because it represents the culture and traditions of Morocco.

Anour federation for the development of handicraft jobs led by Annassroui Abdellah with a group of 36 association have teamed up to organize this festival and took the responsibility of recognizing the traditional cooking.

Delicious dishes have been made and been presented to the large audience who attended during the opening ceremony of the festival. The dishes included a variety of traditional food with the Moroccan way of making tea that was served during the festival.

‘Tanourt’ bread is the Amazigh word for a type of bread  which is cooked in mud ovens,


‘Tarouayt’ is a traditional dish cooked most of the time during religious celebrations and other occasions in Morocco. Tarouayt is made of Corn flour or wheat flour depending on the region and served along with one of these butter, oil, and honey.

‘Badaz’ is as well one the traditional dishes in Morocco, it is sort of couscous made with Corn flour. how it is made differs from one region to another. there are homes that does cook Badaz all the time and other who rarely do.

As this is the first annual of this festival, it has known lot of problems, the major one is lack of sponsoring, since the budget that spent on the festival was the contribution of the associations and individuals who wanted this traditional food to survive.

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