The Rap Singer ‘Muslim’ rocked the Taourirt kasbah stage

The Rap Singer ‘Muslim’ rocked the Taourirt kasbah stage

Nearly 10000 people attended the fourth party of the Ouarzazate Summer festival, in spite of the rainy night. The party was supposed to start at 9:30 pm, but the gloomy sky started to rain which made everything stop for a moment, except the Ahouash band and the crowd who were dancing to the Ahouash beat while waiting for the famous Moroccan rap singer ‘Muslim’.


It was fascinating how the crowd didn’t leave due to the heavy raining, it was insisting to wait as long as it takes to watch Muslim’s performance. the crowd who came from different part of the city fired up the place. They sung and danced to the Rap beat. they were in harmony with the singer, it was a fascinating scene. What love is that? what to say about it? words can not express what the eyes have seen.I never seen a crowd who is like that. a crowd who respect, support, and enjoy themselves.

The crowd at Muslim's performance

Muslim who promised to come back to Ouarzazate city after what he has seen from the amazing crowd. It is fair to say that this party was the best out of previous ones.

‘Ouar4’ which stands for Ouarzazate for life is a local rap band who as well performed 3 of their songs at the Taourirt Kasbah stage.

The main singer ‘Muslim’ has performed almost 10 songs or more. ‘Louha’ which stands for the painting, is his famous song, in which he talks about how he would draw the world if he was the painter, a strong message to those who are in the parliament, those who represent the poor and the rich, the kid and adult, the man and the women.

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