Taliouin …. a never ending unique experience

Taliouin …. a never ending unique experience

It was early in the morning. It was very cold when we woke at 5:30. I didn’t go out of the bed. I was awake but tired, I was trying to gather my energy to get up and be ready for the big day.

Men and women made breakfast, I heard cause the kitchen was near. They were energetic. I went out of the bed an hour later. We had breakfast all together. I had two cups of the Moroccan tea, bread and olive oil. I enjoyed the tea so much.

It was almost sunrise. It was very beautiful.  After I washed my hands, face, and had breakfast. Everyone started work, though some has already started to make us go to work.

I went on a walk around the festival area. Technicians started the music, it was an english song. They checked the microphones, loud speakers, and light. The others from the association and people from the village at that time started organizing chairs inside tents, and getting traditional ovens on the other side ready for the barbecue. to tell the truth, I was so damn excited about food.

Around 9 am, the participating Ahouash bands started to arrive one by one. Everything is almost done here at the stage.

They are still working on the tents up the hill to get them ready, since it is there where people gonna have food served.

They said the Ouarzazate governor is attending the festival, so the organizers are working very hard to get everything done before he arrives, they were hard working.

Kids from the village came to help out. They were really into it. They enjoyed what they were doing. Since they know they will be partying tonight. Because tonight is tonight, tonight is the big night, tonight is the fun night.


Talioun, or shall I call it, the middle of nowhere. Yes, I was excited about it and still. It was a humble village, surrounded by hills from all sides. It has a valley, but no water. People were very active, they are happy with what they have. They don’t have that much drinkable water. It is only provided twice a day for only 2 hours. During that period, everyone is busy fetching water that well be enough for them to do the daily tasks. The village was not that green, few trees and green areas. They as well are suffering from drought.

Everyone was contributing to the festival in one way or another. Some men are making the barbecue ready. Others, fetching water, making tea, and helping inside the kitchen. Some women as well were in the kitchen cooking beaf and others making bread.

I loved this collaboration between kids and adults, women and men. They were all into this. They were happy, and you can tell that from their smily faces and laughter.

Rehearsals were kicked off, bands started rehearsing their songs and checking the microphones and everything. It was wonderful and tiring for them.

Around 11 am, I went on a walk in the village. I walked through an alley, I smelt a nice smell coming down the alley. It must be that girl standing by that door, ‘she has put a nice smelling perfume’ I said. It smelt great. I continued and I found running water in a channel at the end of the alley.

The road from far looks like a busy street of Ouarzazate city. Lot of cars coming all the way to Taliouin, those were the bands arriving.

You can hear the echo of the music replayed by the mountains. All the village kids are here at the festival place. Listening to the bands rehearsing and from time to time running and playing games. They were enjoying it.

I saw a man that I know playing with a band named Ahouash Izerki. A man who is from my family. He was my uncle. I was surprised to see him here, because he was ill, his leg hurts him. Maybe the love of Ahouash that brought him here. Anyway, it was greet meeting him.

Almost everyone is here at midday, except the officials, the governor and the rural commune president.

I had my second breakfast around 10:30 before I went to walk. The tea was awesome. As always tea, olive oil and bread. Or what we call ‘the holy threesome.’

Cars were parked everywhere. Kids running here and there. Bands who rehearsed were sitting in the shade of a house in front of the stage, listening to the others rehearsing.

Small girls wore their most beautiful colored dresses. Most of men wore white Djellabas. Almost two hundred of people arrived by midday, and not everyone is here yet.

It is 2:30 pm now, the vice governor arrived, since the governor couldn’t come. Yeah you know why. The bands welcomed him with the Ahouash beat. Everyone enjoyed it. they performed a beautiful scene, all bands dancing and playing the same beat.

There was lot of hand shaking, yeah we are Moroccans, we love to shake hands.

It was lunch time. We went to a huge tent where we had lunch, first meal served was honey and bread. It was so delicious. Then time for the barbecue, quarter a sheep was served to every table. There was more than 60 tables. Its smell was so great. I enjoyed every chunk of it. Barbecue was done and then it was time for Couscous. So delicious it was.

I never attended such a festival that starts during the day and attendees were invited to lunch. The ones I attended start in the evening or at night, and only singers who are invited to dinner. That one was unique. It reflects its name, Tamount, or togetherness. Everybody gathered and had lunch. Everyone was talking and laughing. It felt great for me.

Lunch was done and party started. Ahouash, Ahouash and more of Ahouash. It was very enjoyable. Kids, adults, men and women were dancing.


The bands sung by fits and starts. They enjoyed themselves as I did or more.

It’s 8:30 pm and they are still partying, waiting for dinner to be ready. I was a bit sleepy cause I was tired and also because we kinda woke very early.

The party went on and on. Band after another, till 2:00 am. At last it was done and we had dinner, I was only waiting when to pass out. And I did.

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