Natural Wealth and Real Poverty

Natural Wealth and Real Poverty

In the regions of the Amazigh, people focused a lot on handcraft products. It is the only source of income for many families. Mainly women weave carpets and men sell them in the week market. Sometimes the income can be enough to get some family needs otherwise not. Nowadays, the majority focuses on the carpets as well as saffron as the only sources to feed their needs.

Taznakhte is a small city located in the regions of Ouarzazate. It is known for the production of traditional Amazigh carpets and saffron. The quality of carpets and saffron are very high. However, the price of selling is still low because people do not have enough knowledge about the market. Not only that but also people suffer from mediation. Mediators are those who go-between otherwise buy products from families with low prices and sell them in the big cities with exorbitant prices.

Taznakhte or Ouawzkit carpet is known with its diversity in terms of size, quality, characteristics and even the way it is weaved. Moreover, it is used for different categories and can be used in different ways such as decoration. A lot of foreign and local researches confirmed that the Ouawzkit carpet is the oldest carpet in Africa. This carpet is known with its bright colors made of natural herbs that already exist in the region. Furthermore, this carpet is well known with its symbols and characters that originally pulled out from Amazigh culture.

Saffron is the most produced product in the region of Taznakhte, Although Taliouine is much well know with it because of its saffron national festival organized every year. Saffron is a product, which can be used for cooking, beauty, coloring materials and medicine. In morocco, it is used especially for cooking. Traditionally, people have a habit of drinking Tea and cooking Tagine with saffron. It is considered to be one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is called the red gold. Furthermore, it is characterized by its great taste and quality.

Saffron is the second source of income for people in the region of Taznakhte and especially in the urban areas. People sell every year what they have harvested from saffron in the week market. It took them the whole month to work on it and prepare it for the market. It is known that these two traditional products competed by the same products from other regions in Morocco otherwise from other countries abroad. For example, we should consider the power of Turkish carpet products and other countries saffron. Despite that our products are natural. They have very specific characteristics that make it enough strong to be one of the best products in the world.

In the present moment, families with limited sources suffer because of unconvincing estimation for their products. They know either to sell with insufficient prices or to stop weaving. Frankly, Life conditions did not let them stop weaving even with frustrating prices for living.

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Abderrahim Boualy was born in a small village called ARG in the regions of Taznakhte, Ouarzazate city. He is graduate university student majored in English Studies - Communication and Pedagogy at Ibn Zohr University, Faculté polydisciplinaire de Ouarzazate. He is a mentor and facilitator at the Embassy Enactus Young Social Entrepreneurship Program. He is a Georgetown university MEPI Student leader 2013 alumni. He joined Ouarzazate eNews as a citizen journalist since 2012. He is currently one of the founders of Youth: Let’s learn politics program. Abderrahim is a young leader, volunteer, social activist and change maker in his community. Now he is a trainee with CoprsAfrica foundation.