Ouarzazate’s Invisible workers

Ouarzazate’s Invisible workers

While most of us are asleep, others are not; meanwhile, they are struggling with the weather whether it’s cold or warm, and bearing the smells coming from our rubbish so as to keep us walk in clean roads and smell pure and fresh air, which is better than the one they smell instead.

Their number is precisely 80, working 8 hours in two divided groups on a daily basis. 40 of them are specified in cleaning what’s around pavements and sidewalks, the other half’s job is taking charge of companying a truck, then carrying and throwing rubbish inside of it, otherwise pushing the waste containers close so as the truck carries it automatically. What is shared between the two groups is the broom and the act of prowling around the whole city, seeking to purify it.

Concerning this, Hassan Hetti, the man working as a manager for the company taking charge of purging the city stated, “Another team exists and has to deal with only cleaning big areas”.

 “Taking stones and dead plants out of those areas for instance.”

He added. He stated also that, those three teams are merely in charge of their own missions, they aren’t allowed to jump up for the other’s tasks.

Those workers are such invisible workers. They monthly get a non-worthy sum of money, which is about 2370Dh. It seems to be dishonourable and not helping them meet all the needs, but their notion is different, they rather see it as blessed and a sum that is gained for a non-forbidden source.

Despite of the strong efforts made by those workers to keep Ouarzazate as one of the cleanest cities, some are still despising them, ignoring their work conditions, disregarding how the weather or the circumstances are, or whether it is a day of Ramadan or just a normal day.

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Brahim ElBoumeshouli

Brahim, was born in 1993, in Ouarzazate. He used to be a singer, songwriter, and a theatre player, Currently Brahim is studying at the "La Faculté Polydisplinaire de Ouarzazate" English Department, Moreover he is an active member in different & various associations and Clubs, such as “ASEJO”, “Oueddahab and DowarElasskar ’Association”, “ FPO English Club”.