Taragalte: a Meeting point in the Mhamid desert

Taragalte: a Meeting point in the Mhamid desert

Taragale festival, which is organised every year in Mhamid El Ghizlane, will take place on January 23-25. It is a festival organised to celebrate the cultural exchange, the music, and the environment. The 6th annual of Taragalte festival will host international, national, and local musicians.

Taragalte will also launch the second peace caravan which aims to strengthen ties between Morocco and Mali. It consists of three festival, Taragale in Mhamid, Desert Festival in Segou, and the Niger festival in Mopti. The caravan also aims to a establish a cultural, and musical exchange between the three festivals.

Oum, the Moroccan Singer will attend the festival as well as Malikanw, Mahmoud Guinea, Sandra Amarie, Ben Zabo and Generation Taragalte. The festival is not only to celebrate music but also to make people aware about the importance of environment, since Mhamid is mostly a desert, so lack of water and desertification are a major problem the area suffers from.

During the festival a conference will be organised about ways to make mud a lot more resistant in the massive rainy days. Also tree planting session, in which artists will participate, will be held as well.

The festival is a great opportunity to acknowledge the african belonging. Historically Taragalte was the old name of Mhamid El Ghizlane. During the 16th century, people were traveling through Taragalte to Morocco or the rest of Africa to sell products. Taragalte was the last Oasis in the desert, So they have used it as a meeting point where to rest, and play music,  since it has water and food before they finish their journey towards their destination.

Taragalte aims to reinforce the relationships between Morocco and the rest of Africa as stated by Halim Sbai who is the organiser of this festival. It aims as well to make Taragalte a meeting point for these cultures and nations to meet.

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