365 days and more !

365 days and more !

I am  an ordinary Moroccan  woman , speaking my mind , and this is the ugly truth;

Every year around March , it’s the same story again! Celebrating women and the March 8th.

Media and people celebrate March 8th as a trendy  celebration, a season theme where they recognise women and their importance in the community. But right after the 8th march -or the whole month of march at best- they switch off to other subjects , putting  the women conversation in a box , and preserving it in order to open it next year, the exact same time .

What’s even worse, is the way media treat this subject, the same angle, the same strategy, bringing women rights activists, ministers, and other highly profiled women to discuss women’s issues, rights, achievements, etc ….

But did it ever occur to them to bring the old woman around the corner, who sells bread to feed her family? Did they ever think about bringing a housewife from the Atlas mountains to talk about her daily life? Did they ever think that the majority of women in my country are illiterate, and would love to see someone close to their truth speaking about them?

I think we need to redefine our perception of a successful woman. Media often defines successful women as engineers, doctors, professors …. , and there is nothing wrong with that, but giving the same examples every time made this picture like a stereotype in our minds!

But what about the other side of Morocco? Not all women got a higher education and a professional career. Does it mean they are less worthy than the others ? Why don’t we acknowledge the illiterate women who fought to raise her children and educate them? Isn’t she a woman?  Didn’t she accomplish a huge thing? Isn’t she worth our acknowledgement?

I think empowering women should start by recognising their work. Starting from the illiterate housewife, to the minister. I am not classifying them in a pyramid because to me,  they are equal. So maybe it’s time for us to break our stereotypes, to recognise every woman in this country, regardless of her social status, educational, and/or professional level, because in the end each woman is fighting her own battle, living her own journey, and each woman is worth our recognition and appreciation.

From my stand as woman, I say women don’t really need March 8th  recognition, they need respect, appreciation all along the year.

We are strong enough to recognise ourselves, we know we are worth it, and we know one day is NOT enough! I  also know 365 days are not enough neither!

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About The Author

Rihame Al Haiane

Rihame Al Haiane is from Ouarzazate, she holds a Bachelor Degree in management from Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh. Currently she is a primary school teacher. She is also a 2012 MEPI student leader alumni, a citizen journalist at Ouarzazate eNews. She is also an alumni of the Anna Lindh Foundation. Rihame is interested in women and children's issues, journalism and she is willing to discover new things. She is very passionate and motivated to serve her community.