Youth Let’s Learn Politics

Youth Let’s Learn Politics

According to the fact that young Moroccans between the ages of 15 and 29 years old make up about more than 30% of the Moroccan population, but few of them were participated or voted in the legislative elections of November 2011, as well as that the engagement of youth in a political parties is very weak. A group of Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) alumni are training 40 young Moroccans in the field of politics in their training program “Youth: Let’s learn politics”.

Believing that Moroccan youth political participation is very low and the level of political education and legal empowerment among Moroccan youth is not to the level. The group leading by Omar ASSOU, The president of “Youth of Tamdoult Association for Culture and Development”, created the project in which they aim to promote democratic citizenship, civic engagement among youth and support their political participation to push forward their voices in the society as well as take the leading roles, responsibilities as citizens and agents for equity, justice and social change.

Aicha MIMOUNI from Tinghir is one of the trainees said: “Let’s learn politics program is a great project that gives us a chance as youth to explore our skills and build our future based on great projects like this one”. Aicha is an active university students majoring in English Studies, communication and pedagogy at Faculty Polydisciplinaire of Ouarzazate. “I see this project a chance to be engaged in political issues and express myself about the situation of our country”. She added

The project could win the 2014 U.S Department of State Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund Competition (AEIF). The program will go through two phases; the first period will be academic in which the program participants will benefit from empowerment lectures, discussions and debates in hands of specialists, professors and experts in Law Sciences, Constitution Law and many other specialties, and the second phase will be about leadership trainings and meetings with Ministers, Government’s officers, Parliaments and Public Institutions’ officers to deeply benefit from them and their experiences as well as to see closely the Government’s and Public Institutions’ work, their initiatives for youth and their relations to youth engagement and in promoting democracy, equity and human rights.

The implementation of the project started in January 24th to 28th 2015 when the first training workshop has been organized in Agadir which tackled topics of The Constitution, The Parliament and The Powers Structure in Morocco.

Mr. Omar ASSOU, the director of the program stated that their objectives behind organizing this program is to train and empower approximately 40 gender based active youth from all Moroccan regions in topics and laws related to politics. Furthermore, empower youth participants in political analytic tools and skills in addition to empower youth participants in local affairs management. “Our mission as a group is to strength and build youth capacities to prepare and form them to take actions as new political elite” Mr. ASSOU said.

The organization team could successfully organize the first training workshop in Agadir last January. Now, the second training workshop will be taking place in Ouarzazate from April 8th to 10th 2015 in which the trainees will learn more about human rights national and international mechanisms, civil society new roles and youth councils, and equity, equality and gender approach after the new constitution.


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