Traditional Industry brings us together

Traditional Industry brings us together

‘Traditional Industry brings us together,’ this is what The Fifth annual of the International Forum for traditional industry has chosen as a slogan. The Festival takes place from April 1st-20th in Almouwahidin Square, Ouarzazate.

This annual will know for the first time the participation of craftsmen from 13 countries: Tunisia, Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq, Pakistan, France, Senegal, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Cote d’Ivoire, also it is characterised by the participation of Palestine, this annual’s guest of honour. As well as a lot of craftsmen, artisans, and a host of associations and co-operations from the entire country supervised by the traditional Federation of handicraft industry in Ouarzazate, where it is expected to attend the exhibition, more than 276 craftsmen from the country and around 46 craftsmen from abroad.

This years annual will know lectures and meetings on topics centred on the development of traditional industry and upgrade the foreign exchange, which they will examine-with around 12 specialist experts from Morocco and from abroad as well, within 20 days. Ways and means of the development of this vital and strategic sector as well as building an effective partnership in this area, which is one of the most important means for contacting and communicating among the different peoples and nations around the globe.

The forum aims to provide an opportunity for the craftsmen to meet each other, professionally and industrially. As well as setting up a framework for the exchange of experience between the Moroccan and the Foreign artisans, and also motivate them to exert more effort to upgrade the Moroccan product to higher levels of competitiveness with the International Level and to encourage the competition between the participating countries in this annual and cultural demonstration, which will contribute to define traditions and cultures that will be presented in this international event.

The forum’s will be organising several activities, including: cultural, social, training activities, competitions, field visits, in addition to the presence of artists, folk and popular bands only to revive the forum’ evening, as well as the Fantasy performance (Tbourida) for the first time in Ouarzazate.

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