Volunteer challenge Program in Ouarazazate

Volunteer challenge Program in Ouarazazate

Volunteer challenge is a program organised by youth development leadership skills and the association of AIK for sustainability and cooperation in Ouarzazate. This program has lasted for two days; April 11-12, 2015. Its goal is to train 30 young youth between the age 16 and 24 in Ouarzazate. This program is aimed to sensibly young youth to be active in the society and their important participation as change makers.

This two-day program was held at the Municipality. In the first day, the participants had the chance to benefit from a workshop about how the associations work and how participants  can create their own association and how to make it successful. The main ideas that this workshop deals with are the main three assets of an association which are: agreement, cooperation, and their focus is not money.

In the afternoon, it starts with a workshop about the exchange program that students can benefit from because it is one of the ways that can help the person to be great leaders and make change in the community. Moreover; this program shed light on Ted event in which five speakers presented their story. The speakers were from Ouarzazate and talked about their experience in the social work. One of the speakers was Fadwa Bouhou, the responsible of the Sawt Ouarzazate radio. In addition to some university students who have great experiences in the social and volunteer work so as to be as role model and to encourage the participant to do social work. The speakers all agreed that volunteer work helps in the improvement of the community and it is a way to develop ones personality. The last thing in the first day was a training workshop about

This program is not only focused on theory but also practice. The first day the participants learned about volunteer work and in the second day they are going to do voluntary work in different places. One group went to Timdlin where they are going to do some activities for the children there and in order to tell them about the importance of volunteer work. The other two groups went to Tarmigt. The first group is going to do a video about the volunteer and to ask people about their ideas and interpretation. The third group went to the forest to gather people there and sensibly them about the importance of the environment. This practice is aimed to give participants a clear idea about volunteer work and the challenges that they face in doing the activities.

The program is a golden opportunity for youth to have experience in voluntary work, and not just to know about it.  Our society needs youth to implement such projects, and to share ideas with each other.

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Aicha Mimouni

Aicha Mimouni was born in 1994 in Alnif - Tinghir. Currently, she is a third year University student majoring in English Studies - Communication and Pedagogy, at the faculty of Ouarzazate. “I am into leadership a lot,” she said. Aicha has helped US Peace Corps volunteers in different projects. She is also an active member of many associations in Ouarzazate. She is doing extra curriculum activities such as facilitating different camps since it builds her personality and makes her a great leader in her community.