Moroccan families and expenses’ nightmare

Moroccan families and expenses’ nightmare

Written by: Khalid Ouzguid

August has come to its ending, only few days and we bid a farewell goodbye to 2015’s summer. All people are ready –somehow- to stand up and take a deep breath asking themselves how did summer holiday start to vanish day after day. It has passed as quick as setting fire on the grass, but as hard-to forget- as dousing covered area of serious fire. What is special about this year is, more or less, the chronological events and incidents followed one after the other. With this fact, most families have suffered quite a lot from the huge budget they invested for the last three months. At the end, they found themselves left with some peanuts.

Let’s go back to the end of the school year when people were doomed to stay in their houses welcoming a holy and sacred month; Ramadan. Parents were busy buying all goods they need: juice, meat, fruit, vegetables, bread and the like. The hope was that their vacation will come true as long as Ramadan disappear. However, expenses were growing unexpectedly especially that children are accustomed to buying new clothes for the day of the feast. Thus, it was a challenge for those parents who have – at least- two children, let alone three or four. No excuse that some families postponed their traveling to the next summer holiday.

Mr. Mohammed, a young man in his mid-thirties who works as a waiter in local four stars hotel said that it was really rough to live proper life depending only on the modest wage they get paid. With sad tune he added:” I have to raise three children; feed them, clothe them and provide them with all the twenty-first century’s necessities they may need”.

Not only does Mr. Mohammed worry about his expenses but all social middle classes share him the same worries. The electricity bill is but an example which was unbearable for certain families especially that the chronometer level has adjusted differently to the old system. In this regard, Si Elhaj, a retired teacher, was talking nervously about his electricity bill which exceeded 400 DH (~ $45) last month.

The story won’t stop as the new school entrance is only few days away. Parents need to buy school supplies for their kids. Again, a long list of duties is required: books, copybooks, backpacks, covers, uniforms… and so on and so forth. Here, another budget is needed to fulfill the previous mentioned requirements. But the biggest expanse is covering a ram for the coming feast (Al Adha Feast) which will take place on the last week of September.

While a sect of people is busy with municipalities’ elections of 2015, shouting here and there, making fake promises for radical change for the vicinity they belong to. Many other people suffer quietly from the expenses they are obliged to cover. And no one feels how this target view and perceive their life. Hence, we question everybody: when our country-people are going to be aware that we need to live in a human-proper life style and differentiate between Rights and Responsibilities?

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