Moroccan Youth and Dreams

Moroccan Youth and Dreams

Written by : Khalid Ouzguid

Dreams are the dove that takes humans from one state to another. Not only Martin Luther King had a dream but everybody has. It is clear that the style of living has changed recently due to many criteria, for instance due to: the social development, financial development, education development and so on and so forth. Along with the radical development of societies, which was accompanied with other changes caused by the high pressure deriving from the need of adaptation to that new style of life, we developed: moodiness, depression, annoyance, irritation and the like. Hence, we can form a simple question such as why are the dreams important in our life? Or why do we dream?

Answering the above mentioned question force us to conduct research on the possible meaning of a word “dream”. According to the Macmillan’s dictionary, a “dream is something that you experience in your mind while you are sleeping.” From this definition, we understand that the dream is a normal process that takes place in our minds during our sleeping time, which means during our free time while we are off work or off-duties.

The dream also means “something good that you hope you will have or achieve in the future” as the Macmillan’s dictionary states. My focus is on this definition as it is, more or less, my interest which answers my stated question: why do we dream? We dream because we have hopes and wishes to fulfil in the future. We dream in order to make our present plans real ones in the upcoming days. However, a dreaming procedure is limited otherwise it becomes a disease that feeds from on both: your bones and your flesh.

I would proclaim that a dreaming process is a biological need for every Tom, Dick and Harry; nobody could stand life without it. In other words, it is as needed as water for survival, or light for clear vision. Sure, it is a natural right for everybody to dream no matter what social class he/she belongs to or what nation he/she derives from as dreams are natural resources for all mankind.

In my country, youth usually exceed the limits and boundaries in their dreams. This is because of high expectations of society and life in general. For example, after graduation from colleges and universities, expectations grow and grow constantly as to become soon mission impossible, especially when arms of unemployment are the only arms which take care of the graduates. In this respect, we can easily understand why the dreaming habit becomes the only solution to get rid of the responsibilities, live in our own world and stay far away from the headache makers.

“I am still alive because of dreams” said Yassine in a round discussion with friends in a famous cafeteria in Ouarzazate. He was talking in a grief voice about his “adventures” knocking doors to find a stable job himself but in vain. Now, as he declared, his solely dream left is to quit this country to look for real fortune. On the other hand, Salma stated that dreams should be mixed with positive hope. “I dream as much as to challenge my obstacles, and I very often make my dreams real” she said with a smile on her face.

In a nutshell, dreams are very essential in our life. As they are available for free and nobody asks for paying taxes from them, we can dream about things which are difficult to achieve and fulfil in real life. I solely wonder what does life look like without dreams?

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