Art and Cultural Diversity: The Guest of Honor at Tamawayt Festival
Art and Cultural Diversity: The Guest of Honor at Tamawayt Festival

Art and Cultural Diversity: The Guest of Honor at Tamawayt Festival

November 5th-8th, 2015, Anfass Association is organising the 9th annual of Tamawayt Festival, the Poetic and Musical Forum, at the congress hall in Ouarzazate. Anfass Association teamed up with several organizations including the Regional Council, the Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Manajim  Institute, and  the Regional Council of Tourism, in  addition to the National  Oasis Zones and Argan Trees to organise this festival.

The ninth annual of Tamawayt festival aims to make this cultural and artistic work  continue showing Morocco as a country, which is rich of arts, cultures, talents, and tolerance. Moreover to work on promoting Ouarzazate as a great touristic and cultural spot.

The festival is hosting National and International poets and artists including  Jamila ABITAR and Mimoun ELGHAZI from France; Majida EDDAHRi from Tunisia; Idriss ELMILANI, Bouazza ESSANAAOUI, Mohamed OUAKRAR, Hamida BELBALI, Idriss RAKIBI, Fatima CHAHID, Najiba ABAKARIM and Hayat BOUTERFASS from Morocco.

Other activities will be launched on Nov 6th and 7th, including, Fine Arts exhibition by the French artist Quai DOMOND, and other Moroccan artists. In addition to DIES ART band, which will perform a play entitled “Pirates Trip” by Abdellah HAJJAN; Discussions among poets, writers, and students studying at  the Ouarzazate Faculty (FPO) and in high schools to communicate with young talented people in Ouarzazate.

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