The Eternal Day in Moroccans’ Memory

The Eternal Day in Moroccans’ Memory

The history of Morocco is full of interesting events. Since the early history various events have shaped the future of the country.

In 1975, a very particular event took place leading the history to write it for the next generations. Almost all of Moroccans responded to the order of the former king, Hassan II, to go on a march destined towards the southern provinces of the country. This event has been known as the Green March. This march resulted in regaining the missing territories and gave the country its last colonized area, nowadays, every 6th of November, all the Moroccans celebrate this important event to appreciate the efforts of their ancestors.

This year, the country has seen different moves that try to raise the awareness of such an important historical event. Several groups of celebrities have taken the road, more than a thousand mile, to arrive to the southern areas to imitate the march of 1975 in a very descriptive way. Other groups, belonging to particular political or social associations and organizations, put hand in hand to show their interest and respect to the work of their ancestors. Internationally, a number of developed countries have shown their respect towards this movement as it is merely peaceful and very effective.

The aims of this celebration is not only the celebrate to event, but also to insist on the consolidated territory of the country against the rebellious movement of the “Polisario” and their assistants. We as Moroccan people, support and highly appreciate both aims of the movement and the celebration of this important event.

We are to follow the traces of our ancestors to protect our complete land and appreciate their efforts. So, the first step is through showing the possible assistance we can provide to the actual representatives in the southern provinces. We can organize initiatives, and help associations to raise awareness about such an important historical event so as to hold on to it through generations.

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