The Black Thursday Aftermath

The Black Thursday Aftermath

We all witnessed the disaster that took place on Thursday 7th, or what teacher trainees call, ‘the Black Thursday’. After the savage police attacks and violence against the peaceful protests and rallies teacher trainees organized refusing the government’s two decrees, all Moroccans proved to the world that neither teachers nor any civilian would be violated demanding their constitutional rights. Human rights activists, associations and labor unions called for a pause of solidarity with teacher trainees, who continue to fight for their eligible rights. These activists started a movement on Facebook, to which a huge number of Moroccans responded.
Rabat (5)The rally took place in front of the parliament in Rabat on Sunday, 10th at 5 p.m. In addition to the labor unions and associations, families from Rabat, Kenitra, Casablanca, and the areas around attended as well. They all shouted “no to the two decrees”, “no to violence”, holding pictures of the victims of the Black Thursday including pictures of Lamiae Azkiti, a teacher trainee from Ouarzazate who was harassed and violated by the police in Inzgane, leaving her with a double fracture in her shoulder and wounds on her face. In the last 4 days, pictures of Lamiae Azkiti covered in blood trended all over social media, and made the public sympathize with teacher trainees in their battle against the government and any violation of human rights.

Beni MellalIn addition to Rabat, the local commission of teacher trainees in Beni Mellal called for a rally of solidarity in which families, local associations and human right activist participated. These rallies proves that all social groups are fed up with the government policies, which discriminates against low income and middle class families, represented in teacher trainees who fight for everyone’s right in free public education.
It was no surprise that the government would baldly lie and deny its involvement in the Black Thursday. The Minister of Justice and Liberties denied any knowledge of the violence against teacher trainees, making Moroccans wonder who ordered these attacks, and who governs and controls the Moroccan government. The Ministry of Interior claimed that all the videos and pictures, which documented Thursday’s massacre, were fake. These false allegations neither have any basis nor any proof, and all the videos and pictures were taken by teacher trainees and journalists, who witnessed the police assaults.

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