The Moroccan Internet Service Providers (ISPs) stopped the VoIP service in Morocco, which allows internet users to use calls over the internet using Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, or any other applications that use VoIP service. The Moroccan ISPs, Maroc Telecom, Inwi, and Meditel, say that these apps do not pay taxes in Morocco, that is why the VoIP service is banned. The main reason for this ban of VoIP service is that users can call anyone worldwide for free, and the Moroccan ISPs do not make a profit from it.

Angry Moroccans started the hashtag #BringBackOurVoip as an attempt to make the ISPs take out the ban over the calls service, because many Moroccans use these apps to contact their families abroad or for work purposes as teaching Arabic over Skype.

Ayoub Oudmane is a web designer who created a web app that allows users to see how many facebook likes and money the Moroccan ISPs have lost since they banned the VoIP services. Currently these ISPs have lost ~ 50000.00 MAD (~ $50000) just from the Facebook likes they lost.

many angry Moroccans started advocating for boycotting their services by not paying phone bills, disliking their facebook pages, as a first step, while hopefully the ISPs respond.

The Internet Service Providers in Morocco have already banned the VoIP service few weeks ago, but was only limited to 3G & 4G users. Now it includes the ADSL (Internet Cable), and makes individuals and companies using this service suffer as well.

Moroccan Internet  users condemn this ban of VoIP and say that it is a restriction of Freedom of Expression and Communication.

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