Masterpeace Morocco: Rock it again

Masterpeace Morocco: Rock it again

Masterpeace Morocco (MPM) organized its 4th training in Agadir. 30 young motivated Moroccans benefited from the training. The interactive event took place on February 13-14 in Agadir. The training focused on capacity building in terms of Creativity and Innovation.

‘I actually learned about leadership ; problem solving ; creativity and networking. But mostly I appreciate having the opportunity to meet new people with whom I can share positive values and creative actions’ Rabab, a university student who participated in the training, said.

Rachid OULGANA is also a university students who participated on the training. He added ”this training was a favorable opportunity for young people to express their ideas”.

The participants had a positive feedbacks and encouragements on the process of training, they appreciated the contribution, hardworking, and commitment of the facilitators and colleagues. The participants learned new skills and empowered their sense of leadership and teamwork. Mr. Hassan BOUROU, high school teacher, said to eNews ” I learned things, and I met new dynamic young people with dreams”

The trainings closed with a ceremony and the distribution of certificates to participants.

MasterPeace Morocco is an innovative community, created by Moroccan youth for Moroccan youth. It is the core of change and opportunities . It’s an open platform where everyone is welcome to work together and fuel peace-building and intercultural understanding. MasterPeace Morocco aims to prepare a generation who believes in peace and involve them to be peace builders, to support young leaders to improve their talents so that they create a proactive generation in order to make a positive impact in their communities. Six Moroccan young people motivated passionate about making change and their communities a better place, who want to create a place where people can be aware about the importance of living together and embrace the spirit of solidarity and togetherness through the organization of several programs as building capacities programs on several topics as leadership, conflict resolutions, social entrepreneurship…, musical concerts. Mehdi Elbadaoui the founder and the the country leader of MPM said ”we created MPM because there’s no initiative and grassroots movement that aims to inspire young people to develop and build their talents to build and promote peace””. Rabab added that ”MPM is an amazing way to build a better world starting from small actions” .

MPM is also hosting international events by giving the chance to young people to volunteer under the EVS  ‘European Voluntary Service’. Beside supporting young programs and initiatives by mentoring and coaching.

Of course As any other new organization, Masterpeace Morocco found obstacles first time in finance, juridical papers, logistics .. Mehdi said ” after accumulating many experiences we decided to develop our own models and we tried to anticipated the potential obstacles and be proactive to solve them” , Without giving up MPM now made a huge impact and people are more supportive and responsive to their calls.”which makes us stronger and stronger” Mehdi added.

Since 2013 Masterpeace Morocco organised more than 35 training program all over the country including Marrakech, Essaouira, Safi, Settat, Ouarzazate, Agadir, with participation of 30 to 50 participants who are interested to build their capacities and contribute in the development of their communities. They also organized 2 musical concerts, hosted 3 international programs and supported 3 youth initiatives.

Masterpeace Morocco developed their own financial model that helps MPM to finance itself where they involve the participants in the organization and preparation for their event ‘’we are always thinking about creative and alternative solutions of finance and we apply for the international grants as well ‘’ Mehdi said.

For MPM future plans they are working to organize more building capacities programs in several cities as Agadir, Guelmim, Laayoune and Tiznit to target new participants in other cities and launching a local branch of MasterPeace Morocco. In addition they are preparing for a seminar about ‘Peace and Intercultural’ management in cooperation with International Youth Peace Group in Marrakech, Intercultural Evening , Musical Concerts and so on..

On an exclusive to eNews about MPM, Mehdi said that after receiving many feedbacks from several people in Morocco about organizing more programs, they decided to launch an online program based on online meeting where they’ll discuss several topics ”we’ll encourage people to participate and take the initiative by sharing their experience with other virtually about many topics so that we’ll boost our programs and we’ll reach more people” Mehdi said. The program will be launch in the end of the next month ”again everyone is welcomed to participate and share “because sharing is caring” ”Mehdi added.

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