NYSJFF: 19th Annual of The NEW YORK Sephardic Jewish Film Festival

NYSJFF: 19th Annual of The NEW YORK Sephardic Jewish Film Festival

The American Sephardi Federation is organizing the 19th edition of the New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival (NYSJFF) on March 10th to March 17th in New York city.

Through Films, the festival aims to shed light on the culture of the Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jews as a way to bridge their culture with the world, and create an understanding of the Jewish culture.

The 19th annual of the festival is a chance for people to watch premiers as this years’ annual includes a variety of films from different countries including Morocco, Argentina, United States, India, and more. The festival aims to highlight the work of talented Jewish filmmakers, Musicians, Poets, and Actors through honoring them in the Pomegranate Award Ceremony.

March 10th is the opening night of the New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival. The opening includes the screening of the short film “ENSEMBLE”, which tells the story of Ahmad, an Imam from Paris, who makes a life-changing decision to help save as many children as possible, and the story of Isaac, who is a young Jewish boy escaping a Nazi concentration camp,  who finds refuge in Ahmad’s mosque. The story of the film Ensemble is inspired by a true story. Ensemble is one of the inspiring films directed by Mohamed Fekrane, a Moroccan born in France, which will be screened at the Center For Jewish History along with many other films.

The New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival is a week-long series of events which includes music and dance sessions, films which will be screened at The Center for Jewish History, in addition to a ceremony of awards to honor some of the great artists contributing to advancing the understanding of Sephardic history, customs, and traditions.

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