Regional Education Centers Trainee Teachers are United with the “Striking Teachers” on February 12th

Regional Education Centers Trainee Teachers are United with the “Striking Teachers” on February 12th

The teachers of the regional centers of Education and Training, announced their unconditional solidarity with teachers on strike, in the exercise of their “Right to Strike”, in order to uphold their voices and ask for their rights.

A female trainee teacher who didn’t want to say her name said to eNews, that trainee teachers experienced threats, and intimidations by the Minister of National Education against their right. The ministry sent a memorandum to the directors of the Regional Academies, deputy of the ministry, and directors of educational institutions to accelerate the pace of deduction from the salaries of strikers.

Trainee teachers consider these threats, flimsy. Because in the name of the rule of law, they have every right to claim their rights and express their problems.

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