Generation Change Morocco

Generation Change Morocco

eNews Association in partnership with the US Embassy and the US Institute of Peace is organising the Generation Change Morocco training in Ouarzazate. The Generation Change Morocco training aims to equip teacher and Facilitators working at Schools or Association and clubs with skills in peacebuilding, Also it aims to introduce the USIP’s peacebuilding toolkit to the participants.

The training will take place in Ouarzazate city on March 19-20th. the two-day training will be facilitated by professional trainers working in the field of peacebuilding.

The USIP peacebuilding toolkit is designed to teach young people about peacebuilding. The training aims to have more teachers and facilitator use and implement the toolkit in their schools or with groups of young people.

The training is a chance for Moroccans as well as for people residing in Morocco who are working with young people to equip them with skills in peacebuilding as a way to create a community of peacebuilders, who promote peace, and work towards fighting radicalization, extremism, and  resort to peaceful solutions instead of violence.

The training is open to teachers or facilitators working at associations, schools, and clubs, who are interested in implementing the USIP peacebuilding toolkit with the group of young people they are working with, in addition to learning about peacebuilding.

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