Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Pink everywhere, wishes, love words….and the list goes on. Today marks the International Women’s Day, March the 8th. Thousands of people are now wearing the mask of love. However, some really mean it. They say we have to celebrate women every single day not just one day. I say, do you mark your calendar and think of what would be the best thing to do for my Mom, my wife, my sister, my daughter on this day? Of course not. Yet a minority does.

Very few males have the courage to express their love towards females in their environment. Being in a male dominated community, complicated the mission of love expression in men’s character. I can hardly think of a moment in which my brother or my father said Happy International Women’s Day to me, my mom, or my sisters. I don’t blame them for doing so. When you always hear these words: “you’re a man, you should not cry, do not let any woman to cheapen your value…”. It certainly destroys love and tenderness feelings, which each woman in the globe wishes to be in her son, husband, father, and brother… To be in such an environment leads to the formation of a man with a harsh heart, and an inexpressible human being.

As a female, I would love to hear a man be it a friend, brother, or father saying happy IWD. I would love to hear “I love you”. I would love to feel appreciation from men in my community. Women are sincere in their feelings. Actions tell more than words. The more you care, tell, and do, the more you get. You get the most candid feelings that you will not receive from anybody else.

Men!! It’s your chance to say to all women in your surrounding how much you love them. How much you value their presence in your lives. Maybe you had a fight with your sister, take few minutes and say “sorry, I love you sister”. Women are priceless. They are the ones who give birth to the other half of society. Thus, be genuinely kind to them.

Soukaina Bouri says: Happy International Women’s Day to women all over the globe.

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Soukaina Bouri

Soukaina Bouri was born in Ouarzazate in 1994. She got her BA from the Faculté polydisciplinaire De Ouarzazate belonging to English department. She is now a Master student in Linguistics and Advanced English Studies at Cady Ayyad university in Marrakesh. She is an Alumna of SUSI program on Women's Leadership, with the U.S Department of State 2014.She is a citizen journalist for eNEWS since 2012. Soukaina is a young activist, leader, and change maker in her community.