The International University Festival of Youth Cinema in Ouarzazate

The International University Festival of Youth Cinema in Ouarzazate

The South Forum for Cinema and Culture teamed up with The Ouarzazate Poli-Disciplinary Faculty to organise the 2nd annual of the International University Festival of Youth Cinema on November 22nd – 26th, 2016 in Ouarzazate; This year’s annual is themed “Cinema: the meeting point of cultures”.

The festival includes a variety of activities including but not limited to a conference on Cinema and Heritage, the screening of several Moroccan and International films related to youth and cinema from Algeria, Tunisia, Egypte, USA, Scotland, and Canada. It also includes a short films and documentary competition. The films participating in the competition are created by Cinema institution and University students from Morocco and abroad, in addition to training workshops in Shooting, film direction, scenario writing, hairdressing and makeup, film production, Video editing, and acting starting in late September till late November 2016. The festival also includes several exhibitions related to cinema and heritage.

The 2nd annual of the International University Festival of Youth Cinema is hosting the Moroccan Film Director, Hakim BelAbass, during the ‘Festiva’sl Guest’ session, and Daoud Oulad Siyed, who have filmed several films in the region of Daraa Tafilalte. Another session of the Festival is “ Window on” which features the cinema of a certain country, and this year, there will be a Window on the French Cinema in which attendees and participants will get to know more about the French cinema via the experience of a French Cinema School or Films of French Students.

This year’s annual has so many activities and events that benefit the attendees and participants of the trainings. In addition to what the Cinema and Heritage Conference will add to the Festival, as it will feature known academics and experts in this field from around the world. It is estimated that 400 young people will benefit from the workshops during the festival.

The South Forum for Cinema and Culture organised in September of last year the first annual of this festival, which was a success, as it has helped in showcasing the cultural and academic identity of the festival. It has also caught the attention of several Academics from Moroccan and International universities.

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