Read eNEWS CITIZEN LAB’s first newsletter

Read eNEWS CITIZEN LAB’s first newsletter

On September 1st, 2016, eNEWS Association launched a new journalism project entitled the eNEWS CITIZEN LAB. Two generous organizations, MEPI and World Connect, have funded the eNEWS CITIZEN LAB.

The eNEWS CITIZEN LAB aims to develop the skills of young Moroccans who are based in southern Morocco. Mainly to equip them with news reporting, photography, and videography skills to report about issues happening in their communities as a way to create positive social change. The project targets youths between the ages of 18-25, who are recent graduates of high school and university, or currently studying at university in Errachidia, Ouarzazate, Zagora, Agadir, and Essaouira.

eNEWS CITIZEN LAB has announced a call of application for its training taking place in Ouarzazate on December 19-23rd, 2016. You can find the call of application here. You can also click here to apply if you are interested or share the link with those you think will benefit from this program.

This project has been generously funded by MEPI, The US Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative, and World Connect.

The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), located within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, is a unique program designed to engage directly with and invest in the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). MEPI works to create vibrant partnerships and supports efforts to expand political participation, strengthen civil society, empower women and youth, create educational opportunities, and foster economic prosperity throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In support of these goals, the MEPI local grants program has been operating in Morocco since 2008 and provides support to local NGOs, universities and think tanks in order to promote positive change, expand opportunities for women and youth and help communities shape their own future. For more information about MEPI Initiative, please visit: For more Information on MEPI’s Regional Office in Rabat, please follow their Facebook page: – (Tel: (+212) 537-63-73-91 – Add: US Embassy, Km 5.7, Avenue Mohammed VI, Souissi, Rabat, Morocco).

World Connect recognizes that the capacity and ingenuity necessary to solve development challenges lies in the knowledge, talent, connections, and sustained commitment of local leaders. We, World Connect, build dynamic relationships and partnerships at the grassroots, investing in local knowledge and initiative, supporting women and communities to prioritize and tackle their own development challenges in their own unique ways. Each year World Connect invests in 100+ projects, pitched by local leaders and often in collaboration with supportive Peace Corps Volunteers. Projects are vetted carefully by World Connect staff and those selected for funding receive extensive guidance and technical support to ensure success.

eNEWS CITIZEN LAB is a project that aspires to create a more open, democratic society; and a society in which freedom of press is highly respected.

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eNEWS is a part of a youth citizen journalism training program sponsored by the United States Peace Corps and the U.S.-based Kids to Kids World Connect Organisation to teach young people how to be citizen journalists.