Peer Influence On Academic Performance

Peer Influence On Academic Performance

The motivation of this study has been to identify any change in the intensity of peer influence on academic performance as a result of collectivism. It has been hypothesized that peer influence should be greater due to the collectivistic cultural framework. Thirty students from the Faculty Polydisciplinary of Ouarzazate have participated in this study. They have completed a questionnaire of two different scales that measured their cultural orientation (collectivism/individualism) and their peer influence on their academic performance. The data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Both correlation and regression analyses were conducted to interpret the data. The results show significant changes in the intensity of peer influence on academic performance which supports the research hypothesis. Peer influence has been found to have a greater impact on the academic performance both positively and negatively depending on the makeup of the group.

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About The Author

Abderrahim Ezzarouki

Abderrahim Ezzarrouki, 25 years old, from Ouarzazate Morocco. A current student at "La Faculté Polydisciplinaire de Ouarzazate" majoring in education sciences. He is also a NESA UGRAD alumnus (promotion 2014). Former student of psychology at Emporia State University Ks U.S. Interested in psychology, education and research.