CorpsAfrica/Maroc Celebrates the Accomplishments of its Volunteers

CorpsAfrica/Maroc Celebrates the Accomplishments of its Volunteers

The CorpsAfrica volunteers in Morocco presented their projects and accomplishments after a year of service at the End of Service Ceremony held in Casablanca American School on February 1, 2017. CorpsAfrica/Maroc recruits young volunteers and places them in remote villages in different regions and provinces across Morocco. These young volunteers work and serve in their sites and communities through organizing various activities and projects to contribute to the betterment of these remote areas.

Omar Laafoura, president of the board of directors in CorpsAfrica/Maroc said that the program in Morocco is the first of a series of programs that have been opened up in Africa. According to Laafoura, the idea of these programs is to encourage young people to serve and volunteer in their own countries. “We are very proud that our volunteers have begun this wonderful and exciting idea of having Africans serve as volunteers in their home countries” said Omar Laafoura.

IMG_0065The organization provides its volunteers with the training they need and most importantly with the necessary support to help them implement their projects. Abdelaziz Noujoum, the volunteer supporter and the outreach coordinator in CorpsAfrica/Maroc, and also a former volunteer in 2014-2015 said that the training grants the volunteers with the adequate skills and abilities to bring about positive change in their communities. Noujoum went on and said that working with these enthusiastic young volunteers is very exciting. “I’m very happy that I get to work and support these young volunteers, and I’m very excited to see their projects become a reality”. 

According to the board of directors of CorpsAfrica/Maroc, most of this year’s projects focused on education because improving education in Morocco and the villages across the country is one of the objectives of the organization.

Hafsa Ait Tabamout, a 25 year old volunteer from Ouarzazate who served in a small village called ‘Tiwishi’, expressed that she always wanted to become a volunteer, and CorpsAfrica/Maroc provided her with that opportunity. “I have worked with women and kids and have organized many activities for them in order to develop their lives” Hafsa said. After living in her community for 3 months, Hafsa discovered that there is a big problem regarding education in Tishiwi.

I have agreed with the community to build a kindergarten for children, from which 18 kids are benefiting today, and also a classroom for women where they take literacy and handcraft classes.

CorpsAfrica/Maroc is an opportunity for young Moroccans who are willing to volunteers to discover their community and its problems, and help empower the people to overcome these issues and improve their lives. “We are very proud of the work our volunteers have done and we look forward to a future where more and more Moroccans sign up to serve their country and serve the local communities that need them, while they benefit from the personal growth as they serve” said Omar Laafoura.

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