Ouarzazate, Hollywood of Africa with no Movie Theaters

Ouarzazate, Hollywood of Africa with no Movie Theaters

Ouarzazate, an isolated city known for warm hospitality, Kasbahs, movies and the cinema industry. Many Hollywood directors find Ouarzazate an attractive location to shoot some of the biggest movies ever made. The unique landscapes of the city make for filming movies like Gladiator, Cleopatra, The Mummy and Prince of Persia appealing, and even to hit TV show like Game of Thrones and Prison Break. Living in a city with a track like this makes one wonder why there are no movie theaters in town.

The only movie theaters in Ouarzazate were closes years ago, Atlas and Sahara Cinemas, of which every Ouarazazati knows the whereabouts. Many unanswered questions on why these two movie theaters, that were once open to public, are close now. Are people of Ouarzazate not interested in watching movies in cinemas? Is the easy access to movies online nowadays one of the reasons why movie theaters are not profitable in a small town like Ouarzazate? Or is it simply a question of budget? A budget and effort that do not exist to reopen and rebuild the movie theaters that are already in the city.

Many questions pop up when discussing the issue in hand. Yet, we can all agree that going with friends or family to watch a new movie in cinema is a fun family activity.

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Otmane Ikinou is a senior student at the Faculté polydisciplinaire De Ouarzazate belonging to English department. He is also a U.S. Department of State Alumni. He participated in NESA UGRAD Exchange Program. He was a student for two semesters at Humboldt State University in California. He joined Ouarzazate eNews as a citizen Journalist since 2012. He is currently one of the founders of the training program, 'Youth: Let's Learn Politics', and one of the board members of eNews Association. Otmane Ikinou is a young leader, volunteer, social activist and change maker in his community.