About us

Who we are?

eNEWS is a part of a youth citizen journalism training program sponsored by the United States Peace Corps and the U.S.-based Kids to Kids World Connect Organisation to teach young people how to be citizen journalists. The youths have participated in a series of journalism training workshops organised by eNews Association. They continue to practice their skills by reporting on news events and issues in the their communities.

Our online newspaper is the premier community news and information provider in both languages, English and Arabic, in different regions of Morocco.

eNEWS titles serve more than 7000 readers weekly (more than 25,000 a month) from all Morocco and outside Morocco.

eNEWS is a fine example of how important local online newspapers are to small communities.

Our Mission:

The mission of eNEWS is to bring together big and little media in a way which respects established journalism and empowers the individual at the same time. Also to teach the youth of Morocco the basics of journalism so that they can give a voice to their community.

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