To contribute to positive change and achieve our sustainability goals, we partner with many extraordinary organizations around the world. Their expertise enables us to do far more than we could alone, and their passion and talent inspire us. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a handful of the organizations whose accomplishments and commitments are representative of all the organizations we are fortunate to call our partners.

World Connect

World Connect improves the lives of women and children in the developing world by empowering local leaders to drive change in their communities, impacting health, education, economic opportunity and the environment. In the process, we inspire young Americans to think and act globally and philanthropically by engaging them in our partnerships and our projects.


US Peace Corps Morocco 

The Peace Corps is an independent United States Government agency that provides Volunteers to countries at the formal request of their governments. President John F. Kennedy officially established the Peace Corps in 1961 to promote world peace and friendship.


US Embassy Rabat

The American Embassy in Morocco is composed of several offices and organisations all working under the auspices of the Embassy and at the direction of the Ambassador, who is the President’s personal representative to the Kingdom of Morocco.

Sim Sim Participation Citoyenne

Sim Sim Participation Citoyenne aims to utilise ICT tools to effectively engage citizens in the public affaires management, also to support public institutions to provide this basic right according to good governance principles.

Nouabook website aims to encourage communication between citizens and their representatives in the parliament. Citizens most of the time need tools, which allow them to effectively report their needs to their representatives. In addition, they usually do not have tools to follow up on their representatives achievements, which may have an impact on their careers and life conditions.

Nouabook aims to :

  • encourage citizens to constructively participate in political debates
  • help representatives provide effective solutions to answer the needs of the citizens